Windows8Templates did not start as a product; Windows8Templates started as a tool built to serve a real-life need.

My name is Jordan Gurrieri, I am the front-end engineer and lead designer at Blue Label Labs, a Seattle based mobile development lab.

When I’m writing a proposal for a prospective client, I like to model a couple key screens from the client’s app concept in PowerPoint. Our clients like this because it provides them that added reassurance that we get their app, we are excited to build it, and our minds are already flowing with ideas around it.

While I am adept in professional design tools like Photoshop, 99% of the time my tool of choice for mocking up an app is PowerPoint. PowerPoint is incredibly productive and simple, and yet powerful enough to help me develop even the most custom of designs quickly and efficiently. Better still is that everyone knows PowerPoint, and that means my clients can easily contribute to the design with their own edits and ideas. Another +1 from clients when they feel truly involved with the design of their product. It doesn’t stop at static mockups, I can use PowerPoint animations and slide transitions to turn any mockup into a functional prototype that clients can click through as though they were using a real app.

But why templates for Windows 8, you might be wondering…

There are many excellent templates out there that I am already using for iPhone, Android, and even Windows Phone prototyping. But with Windows 8 coming to market, our clients are starting to ask for Metro-styled app concepts. After a search far and wide into the depths of the intertubes, I couldn’t find a simple PowerPoint template for Windows 8 apps, so I made my own.

At present, Microsoft only provides Photoshop templates to current registered developers. After sharing my PowerPoint template with clients and other fellow designers, I saw an opportunity to broaden Windows 8 app design to non-professional designers who can use PowerPoint as a familiar tool to mockup their Metro-themed app ideas. Photoshop is ve­­ry expensive and complicated for a non-technical person with a great idea. Besides, I really like Windows 8, and I want to do my part by contributing simple tools and resources to the Windows ecosystem and community.

My hope is that Windows8Templates.com becomes more than just a site to sell my templating tool, but also a destination for great Windows 8 resources: video guides, tutorials, sample projects, and hundreds of app templates to kickstart your Metro app ideas to life.

If you’ve used Windows8Templates, drop me a line and share your story or feedback with me and the community here. And, if you’ve mocked up an awesome app and need help to get it built, contact us at Blue Label Labs to see how we can help.

I believe these templates are great tools for mobile entrepreneurs who want to pitch their idea to investors, or even experienced designers that want to test their user-experience designs with clients prior to committing it to code.
I’m using the Windows 8 templates for an app design and I will first start by saying that this was $99 VERY WELL SPENT!!! It has definitely reduced prototyping and design by factors!
Robert Shurtleffcustomer email
Exactly what I needed. Saved me a ton of time, especially as a non-designer trying to convey navigation/design concepts.